Thank you for your order! If you have chosen the round trip shipping option, the shipping label can be found on your account page under My Orders.
When getting ready to box everything up to send out, please package your firearm(s) in a protective case! If sending multiple firearms, please place each firearm in its own respective case. We also ask that you please include the following with the unloaded firearm(s):

One (1) magazine for testing purposes.
Any additional notes that may have not been recorded during the checkout process.
A check, money order or cashier’s check made payable to The Sig Armorer if that is the payment option you would like to utilize.

If you are shipping multiple firearms in, you may still utilize one box for the entire shipment, but we do request that they be in separate protective cases to prevent any damages from happening during shipment.

The Sig Armorer is not responsible for any damage to the firearm(s) that may have happened during shipping.

Once we have received your firearm(s), we will call you to go over the scope of the project(s) and see if there is anything else you would like to add/change.